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Amateur Boxing: Christopher Banton vs Damarie Campbell

Amateur Boxing News!

Amateur boxing heavyweight fight Christopher Banton vs Damarie Campbell

Afewee BC Brixton amateur boxer Christopher Banton faced his first challenge in his amateur boxing career on Sunday the 22nd of October at Don Davis Boxing Academy in Kennington.

Matched with Damage Campbell of Omnibus Loxford ABC Ilford, these heavyweight fighters battled it out in 3 rounds of 2 minutes. After a tough first round in which Christopher had to find his footing through this new experience, he turned the tide in the second round, and ultimately

took the win at the end of round 3.

amateur boxer Christopher Banton with England Boxing coach Georges Ngay-Katalay

Everyone at FSB Management sends their congratulations to Chris and wishes him the best of luck on his amateur boxing journey! And we send a big congrats to coach Georges as well for getting Chris ready!


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