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Spectacular Showdown at York Hall on September 3, 2023

Thompson Scores Quick Knockout Victory, Reed Impresses in Debut, Burke Displays Grit.

An Unforgettable Afternoon of Boxing Featuring a Mix of Thrills, Draws, and Heartfelt Performances

Bethnal Green, 3 September 2023 - The semi-pro boxing circuit was treated to an afternoon of exhilarating action, as our three fighters showcased their talent and heart in a Quest Boxing League Essex show - No Retreat No Surrender, which turned out to be a spectacular showdown at York Hall.

boxers posing around details of a boxing match
Quest Boxing poster Ashley Thompson

Ashley 'Flash Ash' Thompson's Lightning Victory:

In this headline-grabbing event. Ashley 'Flash Ash' Thompson took center stage and didn't disappoint. Facing off against Matt Burt, Thompson needed just one round to make a resounding statement. His lightning-fast hands and entertaining footwork left the audience in awe as he secured a spectacular knockout victory. Burt was unable to withstand Thompson's skilled assault. It was a stunning performance that solidified Thompson's reputation as a rising star in the semi-pro boxing world.

boxers posing around details of a boxing match
Quest Boxing poster Mark Reed

Mark 'Maverick' Reed's Promising Debut:

The semi-pro debut of Mark 'Maverick' Reed was a highly anticipated moment by his supporters, and our new fighter didn't disappoint. Reed's opponent, Tosh Martin, tested his mettle throughout the match. Reed displayed exceptional composure and skill, impressing his team and fans alike with his solid performance. Despite an intense back-and-forth battle, the judges' scorecards revealed a rare draw, reflecting the evenly matched contest. Reed's debut may not have ended in victory, but it left a lasting impression, hinting at a bright future ahead.

boxers posing around details of a boxing match
Quest Boxing poster Daryll Burke

Daryll 'Hitman Carpa' Burke's Display of Grit:

In a match that showcased the heart and determination of a true warrior, Daryll 'Hitman Carpa' Burke faced a tough opponent in Ade Lawal. Despite facing adversity and a formidable adversary, Burke fought valiantly, displaying unwavering grit and passion. While he didn't secure the victory, Burke's performance and heart resonated with fans and his fellow fighters, earning him respect for his unyielding spirit. Burke's journey in the semi-pro boxing world is far from over, and his performance on this night demonstrated that he has the potential to bounce back stronger.

FSB Management congratulates these 3 champs for their spirit, attitude and hard work throughout their training camp and on fight day!


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