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Welcoming a Rising Star: Mark Reed Joins FSB Management's Roster

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

FSB Management proudly introduces its newest member to the fold – the dynamic and determined Mark Reed. Hailing from the vibrant white-collar boxing scene, Mark's journey has been marked by a win and a defeat, a testament to his unwavering spirit and commitment to his craft.

Mark's boxing journey started with a triumphant debut under the banner of UWBC (Ultra White Collar Boxing), where he emerged victorious, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas. However, the path to success isn't always a straight line, as evidenced by his two challenging encounters in the ring with TWCFC (The White Collar Fight Club) promotions. But setbacks only serve as stepping stones for the truly dedicated.

After a period of introspection and strategic planning, Mark has taken the monumental decision to elevate his game and ascend the ranks of the semi-professional boxing realm. Guiding him on this transformative journey is Coach Georges Ngay-Katalay – an esteemed Level 2 England Boxing Coach. With an impressive track record of steering the Afewee Brixton Amateur Senior Team to glory for a remarkable six years and counting, Coach Georges will provide the expertise that Mark needs in his corner.

Throughout his training years, Mark has meticulously crafted a boxing style that embodies professionalism. Positioned gracefully on his feet, he adeptly deflects incoming blows while launching counteroffensives with a symphony of combos. However, Coach Georges envisions an evolution in Mark's approach. By embracing the agility and adaptability inherent in the amateur boxing style, Mark can ascend to new heights of unpredictability. This transformation promises not just an edge in the ring, but a whole spectrum of fresh scoring opportunities.

As the ultimate destination, the prestigious BXGP (Boxing Grand Prix) looms large on the horizon. In light of this objective, FSB Management has devised a strategic plan. Mark's journey will kickstart with a captivating warm-up bout, strategically chosen to sharpen his skills and acclimate him to the stage. And what better stage than the illustrious York Hall in London – a shrine to pugilism, echoing with the stories of legends who have graced its ring.

Come the 3rd of September, all eyes will be on Mark Reed as he steps into the ring at the Quest Boxing League show. A chapter of his story unfolds against a yet-to-be-revealed opponent, in a middleweight bout that promises adrenaline-pumping action and unrelenting passion.

Tickets to witness this electrifying showdown are available through the Quest Boxing League's official Facebook page. Alternatively, for more information and reservations, reach out to us via email at

Join us in applauding Mark's journey from the white-collar scene to the cusp of semi-professional glory – a journey that embodies the essence of discipline, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

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