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level up your boxing career

Focus on your performance and we will deal with the rest!

Alex in the corner


Welcome to the world of semi-pro boxing, where raw talent meets untamed passion in pursuit of the fighting spirit and glory.

Our company provides a platform for aspiring boxers to compete at a level that complements their skill and experience. Every fighter deserves a chance to shine, free from bureaucratic obstacles. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment, enabling boxers to focus on training and the art of boxing. Fair match-ups and unbiased judgment maintain the sport's integrity.

Semi-pro boxing offers an organic, grassroots approach, capturing the sport's purest essence. Contact us if you have ambitions to become a future champion and let us guide you on your journey!

Jonna vs chez
Dante vs Jack

What we offer?

  • Training camp ( if needed)

  • Contract Negotiation

  • 4-5 fights per year

  • International fight opportunities

  • Social media exposure

  • Sponsorship

  • Professional promotion and mentorship

  • Modelling opportunities

  • Guidance in media relations

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