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Jimmy & Sohail

Who are we?

FSB Management commits to maintaining a team of professionals that strives to represent boxers with honesty and integrity to acquire the best individual deals, and to nurture their public image.

What do we do?

At FSB Management we provide an all-round representation service for boxers.

How do we do it? 

We commit to providing fair representation for boxers in negotiations for fights and tournaments, training camps, sponsor and collaboration deals, and bookings for non-fight events. We assist them in creating their honest public story and handle the integrity of public messaging and dealings with the press.


What do we do for our athletes?

We advise our athletes on decisions about their physical, mental, and financial health, and set up the necessary meetings, deals and contracts to achieve this.

Meet the team

Georges profile pic

Georges Ngay-Katalay

Afewee Senior Team Lead Coach

Fighting Spirit Boxing CEO

Boxing Grand Prix Promoter

FSB Management CEO

After six years of coaching amateur boxers, I came to realize that the sport isn't just confined to the amateur or professional divisions. It's possible to attain a high skill level without necessarily staying in the amateur circuit or making the jump to a professional career.

While amateur boxing provides an excellent avenue for young boxers to showcase their abilities, it may not be suitable for adults with significant non-boxing responsibilities. As a result, I chose to establish a platform that nurtures athletes with a drive and passion for boxing while maintaining a respect for their day-to-day activities. I love to mentor and guide them and pave the way to a boxing career.


  • England Boxing Level 1 & 2 Coach

Karen Lucia Ngay-Katalay

Public Relations

Karen is an ex-professional dancer, turned health and movement coach, and public & cross-cultural relations specialist.

Since her teenage years she has been a boxing fan and she is driven to bring the best out of her conversations with the athletes to be able to tell their story.

Karen guides all public and media relations and communication.


  • Communication Science

  • Health Science

  • Social Science

Eoin O’Kelly

Social Media

Eoin recently received a 2:1 Journalism degree from Nottingham Trent University. His skills set is broad and includes photography, videography, video editing and managing interviews. Eoin has a huge passion for sport, having trained in boxing for a few years and also competed in football and MMA. 

He collaborates on all our social media channels.


  • Journalism

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