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Boxing Grand Prix 02/07/2023

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The electrifying comeback of Boxing Grand Prix on the scorching second of July, sent shockwaves of adrenaline through the air, igniting a fiery spectacle of pure unbridled action. The ring became a stage for the fiercest warriors to unleash their talent and prowess, leaving the audience in awe of their exciting abilities. Some boxers basked in the glory of triumph, their faces adorned with big smiles and hearts brimming with pride. Meanwhile, others were left grappling with the bitter taste of defeat, their spirits wounded but hungry for redemption. It was a day of unforgettable highs and heartbreaking lows, a rollercoaster of emotions that left the fans at the edge of their seats, thirsting for more!

Daryll Karpa delivered an inspiring performance, thrilling the crowd in the third fight of the day. After a challenging first round, he rose like a phoenix in the second, displaying audacity by luring his opponent into a false sense of security before delivering a devastating counter. Mansa Calvin found himself on the canvas as Daryll dominated, refusing to let him regain his footing. The room roared with excitement as Daryll showcased his mastery, culminating in a thunderous, pinpoint-accurate cross that sealed an emphatic knockout victory. This unforgettable display of skill and guts left a blazing trail of excitement, etching Daryll's name in boxing's history!

Watch Daryll's full fight on the link below:

Jorge Toomer Dominates Ashley Thompson. In this highly anticipated boxing match, Ashley Thompson faced off against the formidable Jorge Toomer, under the guidance of seasoned coach Silviu Vulc from London Fight Factory.

From the opening bell, the bout showcased a thrilling display of skill and determination. Thompson began the first round with a series of jabs, keeping Toomer at bay while expertly setting up beautiful jab-cross combinations. To everyone's surprise, he landed a thunderous lead hook to Jorge's head, sending shockwaves through the arena as Toomer staggered, almost hitting the canvas just 3 seconds into the round.

However, Toomer proved his resilience as he returned to his corner for the second round, absorbing his coach's instructions. With renewed vigor, Toomer launched a relentless assault, unleashing a barrage of body shots, hooks, and uppercuts on Thompson. The crowd was on its feet, witnessing an impressive display of inside work from Toomer.

As the fight progressed, it was evident that Toomer's efforts had paid off. His aggressive onslaught and calculated precision led the judges to declare a unanimous decision in his favour, crowning him the victorious fighter of the night.

Though Thompson displayed moments of brilliance, it was Toomer's sheer determination and adaptability that earned him the victory in this epic showdown. The BXGP crowd witnessed a true boxing spectacle, leaving fans eager for more riveting clashes in the future.

Watch Ashley's full fight on the link below:

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